Oklahoma is set in the American Indian Territory at the turn of the century.

A ranch hand, Curly is infatuated with Laurey who lives with her well respected and motherly Aunt Eller. Unfortunately, Curly and Laurey are both too proud to admit they love each other, and Laurey accepts an invitation to the local dance from Jud Fry the farm labourer, a dubious character, just to spite Curly.

Meanwhile, Will Parker has returned early from his trip to Kansas City where he had won enough money, at a roping competition, to marry his sweetheart Ado Annie. Unfortunately, Ado Annie, just canít seem to say no to other men especially the wily Persian peddler Ali Hakim.

Curly gets snatched up by Gertie Cummings and Laurey dreams of her future, both of which have the effect of bringing Laurey and Curly to their senses. Then, everybody attends the Box Social, which is a fund-raiser for the building of a schoolhouse.

In the end Curly and Laurey are married but a drunken Jud returns to spoil the occasion and he and Curly duel it out, with Jud ending up falling on his own knife and dying.

Oh by the way, in the end everyone, except Jud, lives happily ever after.

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