Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I

Scene 1 Aunt Ellerís farmhouse
Oh! What a Beautiful MorniníCurly
The Surrey with the Fringe on TopCurly, Laurey, Aunt Eller
Kansas CityWill, Aunt Eller and the Boys
I Canít Say NoAdo Annie
Many a New DayLaurey and the Girls
Itís a Scandal! Itís an OutrageAli Hakim and the Boys
People will Say Weíre in LoveCurly and Laurey
Scene 2 The smoke house
Pore Jud is DaidCurly and Jud
Lonely RoomJud
Scene 3 A grove on the farm
Out of my DreamsLaurey and the Girls

Act II

Scene 1 The Skidmore ranch
The Farmer and the CowmanCarnes, Aunt Eller, Curly, Will, Ado Annie and Ensemble
All Er nothiníWill and Ado Annie
Scene 2 Skidmoreís kitchen porch
People will Say - repriseCurly and Laurey
Scene 3 Aunt Ellerís farmhouse
OklahomaCurly, Laurey, Aunt Eller, Ike, Slim and Ensemble
Oh! What a Beautiful MorniníLaurey, Curly and Ensemble


Just after the turn of the century, early 1900s


Indian Territory (now Oklahoma, USA)

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